6-Max & Full Ring Considerations

6-Max versus Full Ring Poker

This course is designed to help you succeed at both 6-Max and Full Ring online poker. While most of my examples in this course are 6-Max examples, the strategies, concepts and tactics also apply to Full Ring.


The main difference between 6-Max and Full Ring is primarily the number of players. As its name implies 6-max will have 3 less players at the table. This causes 6-max game to be a bit more aggressive on the average than full ring poker because the three earliest positions at the table are eliminated. Moreover, you will be forced to play in the blinds more often as well.

Adjustments for Full Ring

The main adjustment for playing Full Ring is that you need to play a very tight and premium range of hands in early position both pre-flop and post-flop. I outline recommended opening ranges for both 6-max and full ring in this course.

The reason for needing to play a tighter range is that you have a lot of players left to act after you that will be in position to you in the hand.

Universal Concepts & Strategies

The many concepts, strategies and tactics I discuss in this course are universal to both 6-Max and Full Ring. So because I use 6-max to show my hand examples, do not think they are 6-max only concepts, strategies and tactics. They are not; they are No Limit Texas Hold'em concepts, strategies and tactics.

The Gap Concept, Baluga Theorem, 3-betting strategies, continuation betting concepts, and the many other topics I discuss in this course apply to both 6-Max and Full Ring.

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