A Warm Welcome

Welcome fellow poker players! Today I am pleased to introduce you to MicroGrinder Poker School, an online poker school geared towards helping beginning and struggling poker players. We are pleased and honored to have you as students of our school. Our goal is to turn beginning and struggling poker players into solid, winning players.

Humble Beginnings

MicroGrinder Poker School definitely had humble beginnings, once a small, close knit micro stakes poker study group and community, MicroGrinder.com slowly evolved into a free online poker resource with it's YouTube Channel and free strategy articles, now to what it is today - a full-fledged online poker school.


Alton Hardin, MicroGrinder.com's founderbegan creating and offering poker courses on Udemy.com in February 2015.Slowly one course turned into two, and two into three to what you seetoday. His following of students slowly grew and as of May 2016, Altonhas close to 12,000 students enrolled in his classes on both Udemy.comand MicroGrinder Poker School worldwide spanning 143 countries.

Reasons for Starting MicroGrinder Poker School

Why wildly success on Udemy.com as the website's top poker instructor, Alton became unhappy with the company's ever-changing instructor policies, limiting his ability to offer his students maximum value. With newly instituted pricing and promotional rules in April 2016, not allowing Alton to offer any courses for under $20 and promotional coupons for less than $10, Alton decided it was time to branch out and create his own poker school, giving him the freedom to develop it as he saw fit. Less than two months later MicroGrinder Poker School was launched!

What You Can Expect From MicroGrinder Poker School

Our mission at MicroGrinder Poker School is to offer free and affordable poker courses, so you will never be over-charged for poker courses. We are here to help you, so you can expect a welcoming helping hand. Additionally, you can expect relevant and easy-to-understand poker courses geared towards beginning and struggling poker players. We are actively working on creating new courses, so you will have a wide variety of courses available for you to take to help you improve your poker game!