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Crush Micro Stakes Poker Course April, 2019 Improvements:

For April, I have 3.5 hours of newly added content for you. I'm in the midst of completely re-doing the pre-flop section of this course and 3 new sections are ready for release:

  • Pre-Flop Fundamentals Section
  • Pre-Flop Strategy: Raising First In Section
  • Pre-Flop Strategy: 3-Betting & Defending Against 3-Bets

These 3 sections include 3.5 hours over a total of 20 newly created videos, which are a vast improvement over the "old" pre-fop section lectures.

As of right now, I'm working on creating and adding 5 more new pre-flop sections to the course:

  • Pre-Flop Strategy: Cold-Calling Raises & Set-Mining
  • Pre-Flop Strategy: Isolation Raising Limpers
  • Pre-Flop Strategy: Over-Limping
  • Pre-Flop Strategy: Value Squeezing & Over-Calling
  • Pre-Flop Strategy: Stealing & Blind Defense

As you can imagine, completing these 5 additional sections will take some time, so for that reason, I've left the "old" Pre-Flop Strategy section in place, which I'll remove once all of the new sections are created.